8 Reasons Why Your Car Key Isn’t Working


None of us ever think of a situation where we’d need to replace our car keys. After all, we’re always careful and can’t lose something this important. But, it’s not always about misplacing the keys that’ll be a problem – keys that aren’t working is also a crucial scenario. You head towards your car in a rush, unlock the door, and start the engine, only find out that the key isn’t functioning. You may think something’s wrong with the car, but maybe it’s the key that is at fault.

Reasons Why Car Keys Fail To Work

It has happened with many of us, and it leaves us wondering what went wrong. At Nashville Express Locksmith, we understand the real reasons that trouble most car owners, and here we mention those so you know why your car keys may have stopped working:

#1. Key is damaged

Amongst the most apparent reasons is that the car keys may be physically worn out or damaged. This is an issue with older cars or ones with rugged use. The pattern may be impacted due to a lack of maintenance. The grooves may get scuffed with time.

A point comes when the key gets altered, and you won’t necessarily see that damage. But it will cause the key to stop functioning correctly. In the case of a modern key fob, mechanical issues may be a problem, and this would require a reset.

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#2. Lock is broken

Another common reason is a damaged lock, which may also lead to breaking the key if intense pressure is applied upon turning the key. It’s again a problem with older cars or the ones with rough usage.

Over time, constant use takes a toll on the lock causing its internal system to damage. Besides, the keyhole may be clogged with dust or other contaminants, which is again a reason why your key may not work properly.

#3. Ignition may be faulty

The car ignition also suffers from every day wear and tear. So no matter it’s a new or old-style car key, take a quick check – if the keys work fine with the doors and trunk but not the ignition, you know where the problem is! There’s a larger issue at hand to address.

Like the external components of the car, the internal system also remains susceptible to damage. The key not only enters the external lock but also comes in contact with the ignition system via the internal lock mechanism. So faulty ignition may be one reason why your car keys aren’t working.

#4. Dead batteries

Another common reason your keyless remote may not be working is that it may have run out of batteries. Your key fob batteries are designed to work only for a specific period, after which these get unusable.

If the fob isn’t damaged or unaffected by external factors, check the batteries. The most straightforward solution is to replace these with new ones, and you’re good to go.

#5. Aftermarket keys are in use

If you’re using an aftermarket key and not the original one, the chances are that this may be the source of your troubles, causing the keys to malfunction. Aftermarket places are great to find spare automotive parts for cheap. But these aren’t designed to always work in sync with your vehicle like original.

This also holds true for a duplicate car key. Sure it comes in handy if you’re locked out of your car, but duplicates are simply one of those obvious reasons why keys don’t work to start your car.

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#6. Key fob is damaged

Cars with an electronic, keyless start also run into problems. Exposing the fob to risks such as water, moisture, heat, mishandling, dropping, knocking, and more might cause it to fail. These problems prevent the key from transmitting any signals that impact the fob and get it out of alignment.

#7. Car key isn’t programmed

A wireless key is programmed to control your vehicle. The transmitter placed in the fob works with the responder installed in your car. When you lock/unlock, the fob sends signals to the responder to carry out the required action. If the key isn’t working, chances are it’s not programmed with your vehicle.

For key fobs that lose their batteries, they also lose their initial programming. If you’ve recently gotten aftermath or duplicate key, the programming could’ve been disturbed due to this reason. So the key fob needs to be paired with the vehicle it is operated on. So you will have to reprogram the car keys to tell the receiver as well as the transponder that they’re supposed to be working together.

#8. Inappropriate gear settings

When the gear may be set to something other than park or neutral, turning the key in the ignition will not cause it to work. You may shake the stick a bit or get the gears right, allowing the keys to work correctly. But if the problem persists, you might consider talking to an expert as something else might need your attention.

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What Should You Do? Contact A Nashville Express Locksmith Expert!

Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with the possible reasons why your keys could stop working, you’d be more aware next time. The reasons mentioned above are some of the more common problems you’d ever encounter. But what’s the solution?

If your car keys are damaged, your best bet is to get in touch with Nashville Express Locksmith. If it’s some problem with the lock, we can help. For every reason mentioned above, we can assure you to get the keys to working just fine.

But don’t panic if none of the reasons may be true in your case. Get in touch with our dependable, professional, and licensed service providers who may intelligently tackle your problem.

We will help troubleshoot your issue and suggest a possible solution for the same. Call a Nashville Express Locksmith specialist at 615-870-4833 for immediate assistance. You can also leave your queries on our online form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP! We target the root problem and make sure everything’s as good as new. You can rely on our expertise to get a sure-shot resolution!

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